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Swageless Turnbuckles

Select from the following types of swageless turnbuckles:

ModelTypeWire SizePriceMore Details
Swageless Turnbuckle3045-6a Swageless Turnbuckle3mm, 3.2mm (1/8)$12.70Buy now
3045-6-4Swageless Turnbuckle4mm (5/32)$17.00Buy now
3045-8-5Swageless Turnbuckle5mm (3/16)$26.50 Buy now
Swageless Thread Terminal Stud3056-6T Swageless Thread Turnbuckle1.6mm (1/16) to 3.2mm (1/8)$15.00Buy now

Other sizes and styles can be supplied. Contact us for your requirements.