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Select from the following types of stainless fittings:

ModelTypeSizePriceMore Details
Eye Screw05037-6-40 Eye Screw6mm x 40mm$1.50Buy now
05037-6-60 Eye Screw6mm x 60mm$2.00Buy now
05037-10-80 Eye Screw10mm x 80mm$3.50Buy now
Eye Bolt0090-6-20 Eye Bolt6mm x 20mm$1.50Buy now
Eye Bolt0091-6-100 Eye Bolt6mm x 100mm$3.00Buy now
Eye Bolt M100091-10-150 Eye Bolt10mm x 150mm$8.00Buy now
Saddle0094-5 Saddle5mm$0.55Buy now
Tensioner02050-6-48 TensionerM6 x 48mm$3.70Buy now
Threaded Inserts3310r Threaded InsertM6 x 32mm$3.70Buy now
Rivet nutbrnut-6r Rivet NutM6$0.90Buy now
brnut-8r Rivet NutM8$1.00Buy now
brnut-10r Rivet NutM10$1.20Buy now
Grommetsgrom-g Grommet - grey8.5mm$0.18Buy now
grom-b Grommet - black8.5mm$0.18Buy now

Other sizes and styles can be supplied. Contact us for your requirements.